Image workshops series:

THE FIRST IMPRESSION, May 17th 2-5 pm, $99

Your clothes talk louder than you do…

What do your clothes tell about you? How to dress to make the best impression?

First Impressions influence us everywhere: at work, socially, and in our relationships. There are conscious and subconscious components in our choice of how we present ourselves to others. Finding out why we choose the image we project is as an exciting and insightful journey into our soul as is the practical work we can do to improve the image we project.

As an image consultant I can help you discover your hidden assets, and show you ways to deal with your liabilities, so you stop jeopardizing your chances to attract the right person into your life. Every woman can attract men, and the secrets to attraction are few but important. Because a woman’s first move is subtle, and depends a lot on First Impression, once you get the basic tools and skills, and start practicing them, you will begin to see a change in how men, and actually everyone around you, perceive you. 

WARDROBES, May 24th 2-5 pm, $99

How to construct your wardrobe:  analyzing your lifestyle, and finding the right outfits for your lifestyle. This workshop will provide you with a plan for a basic, useful wardrobe. You will also learn how to shop right: finding your best outfits at the best prices.

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